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Team Canada - Lace Lidz (Red/White)

$19.99 $34.99

Team Canada - Lace Lidz (Red/White)
Team Canada - Lace Lidz (Red/White) Team Canada - Lace Lidz (Red/White)

$19.99 $34.99

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***Cool Stuff Discount - HSM customers can get the one of a kind Team Canada Lace Lidz Hat for only $20 and no extra shipping.  

Lace Lidz was originally created by a small town Canadian kid that would take old skate laces and create custom ball caps. From that beginning the concept has been modified to the current version which incorporates a patented woven material that replicates the skate lace look. The result is a lightweight, exceptional quality, original look, that is cool and fun to wear for all ages. One size fits all.

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HSM is now established and getting thousands of visitors a day.  So why not promote and show off other small business hockey ventures.  We want to help other like-minded innovators in the game, tell their story and introduce you to their products.  They are things that we have tested, worn, tried out and loved! 

Cool Stuff Discounts - When I introduce a new product to my customers base I want them to get it at the best possible price.  I negotiate with the companies to allow me to sell for less in exchange for the promo.