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High Performance Flex

In order to increase young players ability to shoot the puck they must be using the proper flex.  But low flex sticks is only the beginning.  The rest of our efforts in design of this product is to ensure that they perform in the same manner as a top of the line, pro quality stick. This refers to the shafts ability to store energy (during the flex) and transfer it onto the puck, resulting in quicker/harder shots.  

In order to achieve this our engineers created High Performance Flex (HPF) Technology designed for maximum input to output energy transfer on a full range of shots.  It restricts downward flex and torsional stick rotation ensuring maximum "stick loading" potential.   It has been constructed as a a true one piece, using high quality carbon fiber, developing unique and integrate layers of carbon composite material design, as well as reinforcing the blade and the upper and lower hosel of the stick.  

With the low flex capacity and HPF Technology we have no doubt that this is the best stick ever made for young hockey players. 

The X factor......learning how to use the flex properly and practising your shot is where you will really see the results!

Coming interactive membership login with an instructional video and shooting program.